Connected Companion

From personal medical data to family connection and notifications, we’re taking wearables to new places.

Emergency Response

Tap to dispatch emergency responders and provide personal medical data instantly.


Tap OS is an operating system built to enable you to interface with physical things.
Emergency Dispatch

Your medical details can be transmitted digitally to an agent who dispatches first responders to your exact GPS location in an emergency.

Instant Access

Lifekey privately stores your personal info and medical data which you can "tap to access" and share from a smartphone.

Family Connections

When a Lifekey is scanned, the location is broadcast to your connections. Check-in with family or get notified in an emergency.

Lifekey Wearables are powered by our Tap technology. They're durable, 100% waterproof, and they don't require batteries or charging. 

How it Works

First responders, you'll receive important details provided by the patient or their care providers intended for you.

First Responders
tap OS™

The platform powering a new, quieter world of wearable tech.

A Wearable Ecosystem

We're working with the best, most respected brands in the world to put Lifekey technology into products like active wear, work wear, equipment and more.