Let’s start of a movement…

We’re big believers in the power of technology to solve problems and overcome challenges. With Lifekey, it’s our mission to create wearable technology that can provide safety and security, accomplish everyday tasks, and connect you in a more passive or invisible way to the things that matter most.

We're connecting the physical world with the digital, enabling better communication and unprecedented data access for active people.

Lifekey uses the same built-in smartphone technology that is used for mobile payments. However, we’re pushing this technology to accomplish things it’s never done before through a combination of Lifekey Connect, our applications platform, and an ecosystem of wearable devices.

Our team is made up of a variety of rock stars who share a common goal of pursuing and promoting more active lifestyles around the world. Through Lifekey, we can empower people to worry less, so they can do more.

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