Fetch® Mini Pet Tag

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The world's first smart, Digital Pet ID tag is now available for smaller dogs and cats!

When your pet is found and their tag is scanned, you'll get an instant notification and GPS location of your pet's whereabouts. 
Store important info like vaccinations, vet name and other health data for your pet and access it when you need it.

- Silent, Silicone Construction
- Scratch-Resistant Finish
- No Batteries or Charging 
- No Subscriptions or SIM Cards Needed
- Powered by Lifekey® Tap® OS

25mm width
5mm thick 

Life Untethered.

Wearable tech without the electronics.

The wearable we’ve been waiting for.

Lifekey® puts the power of technology into a silent, comfortable, wearables that do just what you need them to and nothing more. Get safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones without the distractions. Check-in with family, share moments with friends, and provide important info in an emergency.

“Peace of mind when texting or calling isn’t an option.”

“As a DJ/Producer, my schedule is always changing and occasionally puts me in different time-zones than my wife. Lifekey gives us peace of mind when texting/calling isn't an option.” — DJ Roueche

“Our Favorite Trail Tech

“Simple and battery-less, these light and comfortable elastic band digital IDs are wearable devices that contain your vital data and are able to connect you with friends and family.”

Trail Runner


Connect a Lifekey® to your unique profile. Link to your contact details including social links, phone and email. You can also add custom messages.


Tap your Lifekey® and choose an activity. We’ll share your adventure, along with your location at that moment, to your family and friends to give them peace of mind so they don't have to worry.


Store and provide permission-based access to personal medical info in an emergency. You decide what to make available when it matters most.


Lifekey® is designed for what matters most. Connect your account to other family members or create managed profiles for your kids, pets and important items.