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Alert by Lifekey

It's here. Now is the time we take a proactive approach to our healthcare and we believe we have the key. Lifekey lets you store, protect, and give temporary access to your personal medical data when it's needed most — especially in an emergency.

Alert enables one-touch access to emergency contacts and personal health data, taking the medical ID bracelet to an entirely new level. Lifekey enables you to manage all kinds of health data, like blood type, allergies, prescriptions, insurance information and much more. And, all data you provide can be locked down — only to be accessed by your connections or with your temporary permission.

Add and manage your entire family, team, workforce, pets and more.

Family Connect by Lifekey

Check-in with family with just a tap. Get peace of mind with notifications from your kids and loved ones wearing Lifekey wearables. Did you son arrive at soccer practice? Is your daughter at the skate park? Just a tap and you’ll be updated with their GPS location.

When a Lifekey device on your account is scanned, you will be immediately notified and updated with the GPS location of the device. If your son or daughter sustains an injury playing sports, for example, you will receive a notification when someone, like a coach or care provider scans their Lifekey for emergency contact or family doctor information.

Connect with other Lifekey users to share data and notifications in real time.



Pocket by Lifekey

Store important digital docs like insurance cards, boarding passes, prescriptions, a photo of your passport or even movie tickets. Whatever you need to have on hand can be accessed easily — in one place — with just a tap of your Lifekey.

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