The COVID-19 Immunity Band

We're working around the clock to bring healthcare providers and consumers an innovative tool to help us get back to life after the quarantine. 

Lifekey Immunity Bands help people get back to work, travel, and daily life by enabling easy, contactless sharing of up-to-date COVID-19 immunity status.  By simply tapping the smart wristband with a smartphone, business operators and employers can instantly see whether a patron or employee is cleared for entry by a registered US physician who has vaccinated and/or tested the person for COVID-19 or its resultant antibodies.

With Lifekey, airlines and their passengers could know if everyone on a plane has been tested and cleared by their doctor. Employers can give employees confidence that their coworkers have been tested and cleared. Lifekey is working to solve these challenges and more in a post quarantine economy.

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Contactless Lifekey Immunity Band

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"And three, maybe most important, we begin to see large numbers of people—in particular nurses, home health care providers, doctors, policemen, firemen, and teachers who have had the disease—are immune, and we have tested them to know that they are not infectious any longer. And we have a system that identifies them, either a concert wristband or a card with their photograph and some kind of a stamp on it. Then we can be comfortable sending our children back to school, because we know the teacher is not infectious."

From "The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What's Coming"
— Via Epidemiologist, Larry Brilliant in Wired Magazine