Gear Tags - Stickers

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Lifekey® Gear Tags are a smart addition to your favorite items. Put an adhesive decal on your bike, snowboard or other equipment or add a fabric patch to your jacket or backpack to help ensure your lost item can find it's way back to you!

Unlike Bluetooth trackers, Taps don’t need charging. They don't require an app to scan, and last much longer, so you don't have to worry about them dying --- ever. Just attach, assign, and you're done!

Gear Tags also feature access to your Lifekey® Profile in case of an emergency for items like ski jackets, helmets and other equipment.

- Includes 3 water-resistant adhesive stickers
- 3M™ high performance adhesive
- 30mm diameter
- No batteries required
- Compatible with phones running Android and iOS 11 or newer (iPhone 7 and above).
- No subscription require
- Powered by Lifekey® Tap® OS

How it works for you:
- Scan your tag
- Add it to your Lifekey account
- Get notified whenever it's tapped

How it works for someone who finds it:
- Scan the tag
- See that the tag is yours (no app needed)
- Message you that they've found your item